1. Dabble is launching at DEMO 2012 on April 18th

    2 years ago
    We’re launching Dabble to the world at DEMO 2012. Dabble: Social Postcards is a free iPhone app. We plan to go live in the iTunes app store at 9AM PST on April 18th.

    DEMO is a widely recognized start-up conference that selects 50+ innovative companies to launch their products to the world. The conference is to be held at The Hyatt Regency, in Santa Clara, April 18-19. For us, this is a not only great launchpad but a way to meet other smart, striving entrepreneurs who’ve taken similar journeys.

    This is a momentous occasion for each of us at Daemonic Labs. When we step on to the stage at DEMO, we’ll be representing 11 team members, working in two continents, who for the past 11 months have been living and breathing Dabble. We are excited to share what we have. We believe we’ve created a product that could change how users relate to the world around them. And in doing so bring a sense of timelessness to their shared experiences.

    Over the past 11 months, we cultivated and grew a team of Alpha and Beta users all over the world. We listened carefully, to everything these users had to say about the product we were building. We share this moment with each of these users. You tested our assumptions, you got us thinking about ways to make your user experience better, and you helped us get to a product that we ourselves love using.

    Pete, Antonio (@antonio) and Santosh (@santojay) will be at Demo. If you happen to be around, do look them up. They would love to hear from you.

    We will release more details about Dabble as the conference begins. Stay tuned for app screen shots, and a longer piece on Dabble and the inspirations that got us here. Thank you.